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The Group Espressione was created by 5 strategists and experts who had dreams and desires in common in the development of espresso machines and other solutions for your coffee. At the beginning of the partnership, sought to develop suppliers who were able to create products of excellence that meets the real needs of their clients. All new products enter the market only after the approval and supervision of the Group Espressione.
There is something more in common than among their members, exercised all executive positions in companies in the segment of coffee machines. Participated in processes critical to launching new products. The big difference is the power of group integration with the very best in the world of coffee machines, leading customers what is most reliable in the market.


Identify real needs of coffee drinkers, seeking what is best in the world for customer satisfaction.
Select and approve coffee machines in the world market is not just our business. Provide any relationship and take full responsibility of the product, such as technical assistance and spare parts and materials is also our main focus.
The Espressione is more than selling coffee machines, their mission is to provide all partners and customers a complete solution for coffee.

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